Blackwater Creeds Foundation
Creeds Ruritan Club
1057 Princess Anne Rd.
Virginia Beach VA 23457
(1948* 70 years of service to community *2018)
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Ruritan National Build Your Dollar ($600.00)
A.  Application due May 1, 2018 (completely filled out)
B.  Scholastic Ability (Transcript)
C.  Leadership Qualities/Educational Goals (Community service with the Creeds
      Ruritan Club and School Involvement)
D.  Financial Need
E.  Two (2) Reference Letters

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Colonial Agricultural "Endowment Information"
Application Due March 1, 2018 (Give to Scholarship Chair) (1,500.00)

A.   Resident of Southern area of Virginia Beach
B.   Preference given to a Ruritan Member or a family member of a Ruritan that is a
       High School Senior or College Student
C.   Scholastic Ability (Transcript)
D.   Leadership Qualities (Community, School Involvement, Creeds Ruritan Involvement)
E.   Financial Need
F.   Educational Goals
G.  Two (2) Reference Letters
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Two (2) {Students enrolled in college and current high School graduates} Blackwater Creeds Foundation Scholarship ($1000.00 Each) Applications due May 1, 2018
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The primary criteria for selecting the scholarship recipients are as follows:
A.  Scholarship -the difficulty during study, academic achievement I and academic
honors and awards will be considered
B.  Leadership involvement in school and youth organizations, athletics and the
quantity and quality of the involvement (i.e., nature of responsibilities, offices held,
Creeds Ruritan Involvement etc.} will be considered.
C.  Citizenship involvement in community, citywide or regional activities that promote
charitable or other civic causes. Service with Creeds Ruritan Club

In addition, the following criteria will be considered:
D. Financial need
E. Educational Aspirations - does the applicants have a career goal that is unusual,
highly needed in the community {e.g., veterinarian, family physician, scientist), etc.
F. Intangibles -did the applicant overcome any disabilities to achieve his or her level of
scholarship, leadership or citizenship.
G. Does the applicant possess unusual talents, did the applicant work during the school
year, does the applicant write well or is the applicant more well-rounded than the
others, etc.
Lenore Goodchild awards Missouri Vaughan $1,000.00 from the Blackwater Creeds Foundation Scholarship Proud Parents, Jen and Robbie, look on.   Missouri will be returning to VT.
Christen Davis was awarded $1,000 from The Blackwater Creeds Foundation Christen will be attending VT.
Robbie Vaughan awards Jason Smith a $1,500 Colonial Farm Credit Scholarship Jason will be returning to VMI
Jonathon Parker Woodruff was awarded $600 from the Ruritan National Foundation "Build Your Dollars"$600.00.  Parker will be attending JMU.  Kevin and Heather Newton, looking on.
The Blackwater/Creeds Foundation, Colonial Farm Credit and Ruritan National are proud to offer Scholarships for the year 2017 to deserving youth of our community...