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On January 10th Creeds Ruritan Club President Dennis Keane presented the
Ruritan Forever designation to Creeds Ruritan Johnnie Williams.  Ruritan
Forever is a Perpetual Life Plan protecting and preserving Ruritan as a legacy for future generations. Recipients of the Ruritan Forever designation receive a plaque, certificate, lapel pin and more importantly become a life-time participant in the
Ruritan National Organization.
Johnnie Williams has been a member in good standing since he joined the Creeds Ruritan Club in November of 2005.  He was recruited into the Club by Creeds Ruritan Curtis Ansell.  Johnnie has held a number of positions in the Club to include Club Vice President (2008), Club President (2009 and 2010).  Johnnie has been instrumental in all aspects of our various fundraisers.  He has managed our web-site since its inception and attends the majority of our club functions, fundraisers and meetings with his camera ready to capture the Creeds Ruritans in action.  Johnnie"s involvement in our community also includes assisting at the Creeds Senior Resource Center since its opening and where he currently holds the position of President.  The Creeds Ruritans are honored to present Johnnie with the Ruritan Forever designation.