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Objectives of Ruritan We, believing that the community is the backbone of our American way of life, and that upon its strength depends the future of America, and that the greatest handicap to building and maintaining a strong community is the difficulty of getting a group of people representing all organizations, interest and segments of the community together regularly, so that problems affecting the community may be systematically and thoroughly considered, declare the objectives of this organization to be as follows:

Creeds Ruritan Club Chartered in 1948

A. To promote fellowship and goodwill among its members and the citizens of the community, and to inspire each other to higher efforts.

B. To unify the efforts of individuals, organizations and the institutions in the community toward making it an ideal place in which to live.

C. To work with those agencies that serves the community and contributes directly to its progress.

D. To encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprises.

E. To create greater understanding between rural and urban people on the problems of each, as well as, on their mutual problems..

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