Blackwater Creeds Foundation
Creeds Ruritan Club
1057 Princess Anne Rd.
Virginia Beach VA 23457
(1948* 75 years of service to community *2023)
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For the year of 2023, Seven Scholarships were arded: Colonial Farm Educational Fund, Blackwater Creeds Foundation, Creeds Ruritan Education, Creeds Ruritan Build Your Dollars and the Her Bess Farms Educational Fund.

The 2024 Scholarship Applications for the Blackwater Creeds Foundation and the Creeds Ruritan Club College Scholarship Program will be available on our website on Wednesday January 3, 2024.  Thank you for your interest in our scholarship program.

Suellen Sawyer-Blackwater-Creeds Foundation and Her-Bess Farms
Kolby Snow-Creeds Ruritan Build Your Dollar
Zach Fuge-Colonial Farm Credit and Creeds Ruritan Educational 
Austin Winborne-Blackwater-Creeds Foundation
Annamarie Wells-Blackwater-Creeds Foundation